It is by fully meeting the legal requirements that we have established our brand even abroad. Our company is qualified to provide services in the areas of valuation and expert evidence engineering, with specialization in real estate valuation reports and equity valuations for real guarantees such as residences, apartments, land, industries, tracts of land, farms, rural areas, enterprises, economic feasibility of projects, asset management, equity control, physical inventory and stock.

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The origin of Avalor Engenharia de Avaliações, is the result of a new vision in terms of entrepreneurship at the service of the client. The common vision of essential qualities...


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Real Estate Appraisal Report

Valuing assets is a task that requires seriousness and competence, whether in the real estate appraisal, personal property or intangible assets of others. In this activity, the impeccable professionalism and constant technological updating, acquired over the years, leads to the...


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