About Us

The origin of Avalor Engenharia de Avaliações, is the result of a new vision in terms of entrepreneurship at the service of the client.

The common vision of essential qualities in service provider organizations: technical quality, professionalism, seriousness, technological updating, respect, and reliability, we are specialized in real estate appraisal and technical valuation in general.

It is by fully meeting the legal requirements that we have established our brand even abroad. Our company is qualified to provide services in the areas of valuation and expert evidence engineering, with specialization in real estate valuation reports and equity valuations for real guarantees such as residences, apartments, land, industries, tracts of land, farms, rural areas, enterprises, economic feasibility of projects, asset management, equity control, physical inventory and stock.

We also perform valuation of the goodwill and commercial point, determination of the rent value of real estate known as real estate appraisal report, economic valuation report for the purchase and sale of companies and businesses, valuation of Trademarks, valuation of patents, valuation of intangible assets, valuation report of machinery and equipment, valuation report of assets and useful life report and Impairment Test or recoverability test for compliance with IFRS in the highest degree of accuracy and basis of national and international standards.

Those responsible for coordinating the Avalor team have extensive experience and qualification, standing out for their constant updating with regard to technological and regulatory advances.